Web Extra: A Year in the Story Room

A Year in the Story Room

A Year in the Story Room: Ready-to-Use Programs for Children

Dawn R. Roginski

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Here readers of A Year in the Story Room: Ready-to-Use Programs for Children will find flannelboard, magnet board, and craft and game patterns for use in libraries.

Chapter 2

Interactive Activity: Five Little Pumpkins Flannelboard
Pattern 2.1

Interactive Activity: This is Jack OíHappy Magnet Board
Pattern 2.2

Interactive Activity: Flack the Cat Flannelboard
Pattern 2.3

Interactive Activity: Counting Pets Flannelboard
Pattern 2.4

Interactive Activity: Tiny Mouse, Tiny Mouse Magnet Board
Pattern 2.5

Interactive Activity: Make a Rainbow Flannelboard
Patterns 2.6 a, b, and c

Alternate Flannelboard Activity: ìThe Rainbow Songî
Pattern 2.7

Interactive Activity: Build a Scarecrow Magnet Board
Pattern 2.8

Interactive Activity: A Picture for Mama Flannelboard
Pattern 2.9

Interactive Activity: What a Cake Magnet Board
Patterns 2.10 a and b

Interactive Activity: Ice Cream Super Scoopers Flannelboard
Pattern 2.11

Interactive Activity: Five Little Candles Flannelboard
Pattern 2.12

Interactive Activity: Five Pretty Flowers Flannelboard
Pattern 2.13

Interactive Activity: Five Hungry Ants Flannelboard
Pattern 2.14

Interactive Activity: Harleyís Colorful Day Flannelboard Story
Pattern 2.15

Interactive Activity: BINGO Flannelboard
Pattern 2.16

Interactive Activity: The Snowman Tell and Draw Story
Patterns 2.17 a, b, and c

Interactive Activity: Five Little Snowmen Flannelboard
Pattern 2.18

Interactive Activity: Colorful Hearts Participation Rhyme
Pattern 2.19

Interactive Activity: Bear Gets Dressed Flannelboard
Patterns 2.20 a and b

Interactive Activity: Ten Little Easter Bunnies Magnet Board
Pattern 2.21

Interactive Activity: Five Spring Flowers Flannelboard
Patterns 2.22 a and b

Interactive Activity: Five Tasty Sandwiches Magnet Board
Pattern 2.23

Interactive Activity: The Food-Loving Lady Prop Story
Patterns 2.24 a and b

Interactive Activity: Five Green and Speckled Frogs Flannelboard
Pattern 2.25

Interactive Activity: The Gardener Plants the Seeds Magnet Board
Patterns 2.26 a and b

Interactive Activity: Out in the Garden Flannelboard
Pattern 2.27

Interactive Activity: Teddy Bear Flannelboard
Patterns 2.28 a and b

Interactive Activity: My Umbrella Flannelboard
Patterns 2.29 a and b

Interactive Activity: Mrs. McFancy and Her Wash Prop Story
Patterns 2.30 a, b, c, and d

Interactive Activity: Bug in a Rug Magnet Board
Patterns 2.31 a and b

Interactive Activity: Five Little Nails Flannelboard
Pattern 2.32

Interactive Activity: The Circle of Life Flannelboard
Patterns 2.33 a and b

Interactive Activity: Goldfish Magnet Board
Pattern 2.34 a and b

Interactive Activity: On a Picnic We Will Go Prop Story
Patterns 2.35 a, b, and c

Chapter 3

Apple Shape
Pattern 3.1

Craft: Thereís a Worm in My Apple
Pattern 3.2

Tooth Shape
Pattern 3.3

Game: Mini Marshmallow Tooth Game
Pattern 3.4

Craft: Smiling Mouth
Pattern 3.5

Tree Shape
Pattern 3.6

Game: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Board Game
Pattern 3.7

Witch Hat Shape
Pattern 3.8

Craft: Witch Sucker
Pattern 3.9

Turkey Shape
Pattern 3.10

Craft: Straw Hat Turkey
Pattern 3.11

Pumpkin Shape
Pattern 3.12

Game: Pin the Face on the Pumpkin
Pattern 3.13

Tiara Shape
Pattern 3.14

Craft: Dog Bone Dog
Pattern 3.15

Sweater Shape
Pattern 3.16

Pizza Shape
Pattern 3.17

Game: Pizza Dice Throw
Patterns 3.18 a and b

Pocket Shape
Pattern 3.19

Game: Idiom Charades
Pattern 3.20 a and b

Snowflake Shape
Pattern 3.21

Pot Shape
Pattern 3.22

Craft: My Own Magic Pot
Pattern 3.23

Bone Shape
Pattern 3.24

Craft: Dashing Dog Envelope
Pattern 3.25

Ark Shape
Pattern 3.26

Game: Noraís Ark Dice Game
Patterns 3.27 a, b, and c

Craft: Animal Cracker Ark
Pattern 3.28

Pig Shape
Pattern 3.29

Fish Shape
Pattern 3.30

Football Shape
Pattern 3.31

Crocodile Shape
Pattern 3.32

Baseball Shape
Pattern 3.33

Craft: Beaded Baseball Safety Pin
Pattern 3.34

Butterfly Shape
Pattern 3.35

Chapter 4

Teddy Bear Party
Pattern 4.1
Pattern 4.2

Teddy Bear Storytime
Patterns 4.3 a, b, and c

Popsicles in the Park
Pattern 4.4