Web Extra: Kindergarten Magic: Theme-Based Lessons for Building Literacy and Library Skills

Kindergarten Magic

Kindergarten Magic: Theme-Based Lessons for Building Literacy and Library Skills

Kathy MacMillan & Christine Kirker

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Here readers of Kindergarten Magic: Theme-Based Lessons for Building Literacy and Library Skills will find

  • full-size flannelboard and craft patterns (shown in miniature in the book) for use in a library or classroom setting, and
  • worksheets for printing and distributing to students or storytime attendees.

Activity 10: Book! Book! Book!

Activity 11: Marie’s Magic Library Binder Ring

Activity 13: Counting Books

Activity 14: Taking Care of Books

Activity 27: Packing My School Bag

Activity 30: Super Shapes

Activity 31: My Favorite Thing about School

Activity 33: Is It at School?

Activity 44: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Activity 45: Rub-a-dub-dub

Activity 47: Hickory Dickory Dock

Activity 48: Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill

Activity 51: Counting Elephants

Activity 61: Joey’s Beautiful Name

Activity 62: I Have Two of These

Activity 78: Little Quack’s New Friend

Activity 79: Bennies Pennies

Activity 82: Family Portrait

Activity 95: Who Keeps Us Safe?

Activity 96: Five Fire Trucks

Activity 98: Fire Truck Shapes

Activity 99: My Phone Number

Activity 102: Cinco Autocamión de Bomberos

Activity 112: Where Is My Pumpkin?

Activity 113: Five Gray Squirrels

Activity 115: Apple Fractions

Activity 120: Color Guessing Game

Activity 131: Sarah’s Apples

Activity 147: A Tree for Me

Activity 148: The Lonely Tree

Activity 151: Handy Tree

Activity 152: Fiction vs. Nonfiction Book Cover Sheets

Activity 167: Match the Spider Webs

Activity 168: Spider’s ABC

Activity 181: How the Raccoon Got His Mask

Activity 182: Five Little Bats

Activity 184: Owl Eggs

Activity 198: The First Thanksgiving

Activity 200: Thanksgiving Acrostic

Activity 202: Alphabetizing Ourselves

Activity 215: Stop That Pickle!

Activity 216: My Pizza

Activity 219: Going on a Picnic

Activity 224: Comparing Holidays

Activity 233: Five Balloons

Activity 234: Family Traditions

Activity 236: Celebration Candle

Activity 249: Gingerbread Man File Folder Story

Activity 250: Five Gingerbread Men in the Bakery Shop

Activity 251: My Gingerbread House

Activity 252: Gingerbread Men Counting Game

Activity 253: Gingerbread Cookie Matching

Activity 254: Gingerbread Race

Activity 259: You Smell and Taste and Feel and See and Hear

Activity 266: What Sound Does It Make?

Activity 270: My Texture Book

Activity 284: What Do I Need for My New Year’s Eve Party?

Activity 291: Time to Sleep

Activity 300: So Many Snowflakes

Activity 301: Did You Ever See a Snowflake?

Activity 305: Dewey Categories

Activity 317: Happy Teeth

Activity 318: Monkey Soup

Activity 321: Tooth Brush Call Numbers

Activity 334: “I Have a Dream”

Activity 335: Lucy’s Picture

Activity 351: 100th Day S’mores

Activity 352: 100th Day Memories

Activity 356: Not-So-Ordinary Ordinals

Activity 368: My Dump Truck, Fred

Activity 369: What Type of Transportation Do I Need?

Activity 385: Rocket Ships

Activity 386: There Was a Bold Lady Who Wanted a Star

Activity 390: Make a Book—blank version

Activity 390: Make a Book—fill-in version

Activity 402: I Am a Grocer

Activity 403: Community Helper Matching Game

Activity 405: Sorting the Mail

Activity 406: Community Helpers

Activity 419: Five Valentines

Activity 420: Matching Hearts

Activity 437: National Images

Activity 441: Presidential Sequencing Cards

Activity 444: Will Work for ­­______

Activity 453: Five Little Dragons

Activity 454: Three Billy Goats Gruff

Activity 458: Giant Footprints

Activity 470: Five Pots of Gold

Activity 471: Five Leprechauns

Activity 473: Match the Shamrock

Activity 474: Shamrock Craft

Activity 477: Cinco Verde Shamrocks

Activity 487: Dinosaur, Dinosaur, What Do You Eat?

Activity 488: Five Dinosuars

Activity 491: Dino Skeleton

Activity 504: Five Snowflakes

Activity 513: Splish, Splash, Spring

Activity 521: Mouse’s First Spring

Activity 522: Matching Kites

Activity 523: Spring Acrostic

Activity 525: Buggy Day

Activity 538: Five Little Snakes

Activity 539: Lion Hide-and-Seek

Activity 542: Zebra Habitat

Activity 546: Book! Book! Book!

Activity 555: Five Silly Pigs

Activity 556: Rooster’s Feathers

Activity 559: What a Pig!

Activity 572: Blue Sea

Activity 573: Five Fish

Activity 577: Fishing for Call Numbers

Activity 589: Picking Fruits and Vegetables

Activity 590: Seeds

Activity 593: Pea Pod Craft

Activity 601: Summer Vacation Suitcase

Activity 606: Ant Picnic

Activity 607: We’re Going on Vacation

Activity 609: Shell Match